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LGBT History

The history of the LGBT community as a whole is a topic that is not widely discussed in modern society, however the range of this discussion has progressed exponentially over time. LGBT individuals struggle with many issues with which they are faced through society and society’s heteronormative constructs. The modern LGBT rights movement seeks to erase these adversities and in turn normalize the lives of all LGBT individuals not just through tolerance, but through respect and acceptance. This includes marriage equality, positive public opinion towards the LGBT community, a decrease in the amount of homeless LGBT youth, respect for public displays of affection in LGBT couples, reconciliation between the LGBT community and Christianity, and the visibility of women within the movement. Without these changes, the mental and physical health and overall well-being of LGBT individuals will continue to be at risk. Not only that, but it will be difficult for society to further progress in a way that is beneficial to everyone and in a way that promotes civil rights and equality for all people.

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